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EsferasIt sounds a little hokey when folks describe the Internet as a Webosphere or bloggers as the Blogosphere. However, there really are layers that are plainly evident. As your website's viewership continues to grow, visitors begin to visit in greater frequency and attract more dollars.

It's difficult to crack the shell of each of the layers, though. You build a website or blog and it often sits with no visitors or attraction until convidado in. Esse convite chega por meio de outros sites, raramente por qualquer outro meio. As empresas de mídia são a exceção. As empresas de mídia já tinham distribuição em massa, então puderam aproveitar essa distribuição para construir uma base na web.

Unfortunately, traditional media was slow to adopt, though, so they've had to pay handsomely to regain some of the momentum they lost. The folks who were lucky enough to get in the web early (some with and most without talent or a great product) are still reaping the benefits. They were the pioneers who claimed their stake in the land that is worth so much today.

Search engine optimization experts, new a-list bloggers, and successful e-commerce companies understand that the way to build a successful internet company is to slowly chip away at each layer to get to the next. Many of the lessons learned from the first ‘bubble' were the mistakes made by many young rockstars, they though there was no end to the piles of cash that were piled high at the beginning. They got there first hit on the charts, but they couldn't keep them coming.

Web 2.0 may be a combination of technology and social influence, but it's more about reinvesting the capital and chipping away at the layers of the spheres. You may be able to break through a layer here and there by paying for it, but you have to sustain your new-found popularity and continue to push on t the next layer. If you're a new blogger or an experienced ecommerce giant, it doesn't change. The “Web Cemetery” is full of dot coms that didn't recognize that this is a marathon and not a sprint.

Attention and money are not distributed evenly. Attention on the web is about the same as a 10-year old full of cake and Mountain Dew at a Birthday party. Money becomes infinitely more dense as you get nearer the center of the circle. Before the web, we didn't have any access to that money, we didn't even know where it was… it took generations of influence and connections to scrape away. It took finding the right path and the right people. On the web, it's different, though.

A Webosfera está esperando pelo próximo grande coisa. Toda uma infraestrutura está pronta para esperar e encontrar o próximo grande coisa. Mecanismos de pesquisa e tecnologias como Digg são os mais proeminentes. Google is building an application every time you turn around to maintain layers between themselves and their competition. You and I don't have the resources to compete with Google. However, any individual company doesn't own the web nor can they compete with great products, great ideas and the people who work hard to bring them to market.

Cada palavra em seu blog passa para a próxima camada. Cada mudança de design que atrai outro visitante ajuda a fragmentar uma camada. Cada mudança para otimizar seus blogs ENCONTRABILIDADE lascas de distância. Cada vez que você recebe um trackback, ele se parte. Cada vez que você comenta em outro blog, ele desaparece. Da webosfera à blogosfera, à obtenção de leitores e até mesmo a fazer parte da Lista A de blogueiros - a jornada é longa. Mas qualquer um de nós pode fazer isso.

The other nice thing about a sphere is that the gravitational pull gets greater as you get closer to the center. One day your blog is rated 500,000 and six months later it's at 5,000. Most people will run out of steam, run out of ideas, run out of money, or simply wear out their song on the charts.

It's the turtle and the hare… the turtles have it! Keep chipping away!

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    Talvez com um pouco de pesar eu vejo blogs de SEO / marketing / negócios online (um grupo generalizado) dominando a blogosfera. Embora os blogs promocionais representem apenas uma pequena fração da quantidade de conteúdo gerado pelo usuário, eles são desproporcionalmente representados na pesquisa social, como a pesquisa de blogs, delicious & technorati.

    Os SEOs dominam naturalmente os motores de busca, por isso são chamados de otimizadores de motores de busca. Não estou necessariamente dizendo que isso é uma coisa ruim, é apenas bom ter um equilíbrio.

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    Peça muito inspiradora. Gosto da maneira como você visualizou as camadas e do trabalho que fazemos que aumenta o “lascamento” dessas camadas.

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