Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts tornam isso pessoal

This Friday, I had the honor of attending a meeting with some very well-represented firms and local industry leaders to work with the Colts on their ongoing efforts to “Make it Personal” with their fans. This is a fantastic organization and they have my utmost respect. They are utilizing every resource they can possibly get a hold of in order to improve relationships with their fans, and bring them as close to the organization as they can. Instead of rolling into a cash machine, I really foresee the Colts becoming “America’s Team” because of their faith in the organization, and the appreciation for the fans who have worked hard as well.

Moving forward, I’m working with a number of other firms to help integrate their CRM, Web, Web Analytics, Email, eCommerce, and possibly even ticketing systems so that the Colts can learn more about each and every fan, speak to them personally, and give them opportunities to root for their favorite team like they have never had before.

Go Colts!

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